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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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>> next speaker, please. >> i am the current chair of the san francisco juvenile justice commission, better known as the jjc is a can -- a commission of the superior court. they advocate for youth in the delinquency as a juvenile justice systems. it is mandated by the california welfare and institutions code. there agree to inspect, investigate, and analyze facilities that include the juvenile justice center, log cabin branch, schools, police stations. title 15 regulations, the responsibilities and objective for juvenile justice commissioners are described in
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the welfare and institution code bylaws. for the chief probation officer and san francisco youth commission, the outdoor area is not being realized. they have access and mandated that by the after mentioned title 15 relations section, 1371. however, due to the overall interest of the well-being of youth detainee's and the operations of juvenile hall and the scope of title 15 regulations as it retains to article 12, section 1510, it is disheartening to discover that
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this 6-year-old facility is not suitable to accommodate youth one hour each day and given the opportunity to take advantage of the large outdoor recreation area that is a central -- essential. [chime] >> wrap up real quick, ok? >> the $195 million general obligation. and facilitation by staff. thank you.
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>> good evening, supervisors. i am with -- marco diaz had to leave, and i will get their comments in writing. a lot of them have come out of the juvenile justice system. i also invited jamaica up because she wanted to share a little bit. having been a teacher, my focus would be in terms of talking about the opportunity for a large muscle exercises, to look at not just opening up the large area for folks to go out and play. how it can support the system so you can hire someone to do organized activities. just because the area is open to
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them doesn't mean they are going to go out and use it for large muscle play. i would suggest talking about having access to the area and making sure that the access is effective or relevant and meets the purpose. you see it in schools all the time, at recess once you get the -- they are going to actually be active. if you are going to talk about doing this, look at it comprehensively and intentionally, make sure that there is something for them to do. >> i am here with -- i want to say that i was once a juvenile,
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and we did not have an option whether we could go outside or not. i think it wasn't really fair for us because some people really did not go, they sat in their rooms all day. it is not fair because it is kind of depressing. we really didn't even have -- we had to earn an. i thought it was not fair for some of the juvenile is. and i also wanted to say, since you third given a choice of whether or not they want to go outside, they should have a choice in deciding what kind of recreational activities are instituted. thank you.
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>> thank you, supervisors. i have been teaching high school for about 10 years. i wanted to thank the commissioners, i watched the meeting on tv and i thought you did a beautiful job with priorities. i have also been teaching for the last eight years including during summer school. i realize this is a unique situation where there are separate institutions adjusting to the school district. it is a complicated issue, and one thing i wanted to say was that regardless of how long it takes to have that outdoor feel, i was a pe teacher during the summer, and it is powerful to have some light and fresh air. it is a grassy area, and when i
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took the kids out there a few years ago, they were excited to play football and soccer, run around on grass. when i teach there during gem a few years ago, they played basketball and volleyball and five football. it is great, that is the most important thing. even until the facility could be capable of providing sports or activities, gardening would be wonderful for all the kids. thank you. >> that looks like the end of public comment, but there are folks -- i would like to see if they help to -- >> i have the president of the juvenile probation system. i want to thank everybody testifying today and think the
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chief for such a beautiful job presenting the priorities and the choices that face us as a community in san francisco. we are in favor of not just one hour a day, it can be a meaningful and relevant way. how many will be allocated? it will require physical maintenance? or will we focus even more money on a field that needs to be safe, possibly picked for illicit purposes later on. these are really good questions and we heard from really excellent policy thought that was proposed today. it is now up to you, in terms of
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money. if you would like to give our department more money, we would gladly accept it? . everyone has a vested interest in making the use of san francisco better. the misery model has made us the best in class in terms of department of practices. the chief said today that we only have custody. all of the major testament of how we are handling that in terms of making a difference in their lives and trying to be restorative. thank you for giving us guidance and how we can balance what is
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best for the youth and what is good for the department. president chiu: i would be interested in thinking about what more we can do here. how do we do more with the limited resources we have? once we understand that, there are these facilities where they need to go. i want to see, is there any one from sfusd that wants to say a few words about this situation?
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actually, i do have one question. there used to be a fiscal -- physical ed teacher, and i wanted to make sure i knew what that relationship was. >> we heard it was eliminated in the past. the relationship this year is one that that i am still
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learning about. it is a strong staff that cares strongly about working with our students and i have learned for the benefits of the students. we do periodically meet at the senior level and even at the lower level. in the gymnasium, luckily, and the outside area. the only glitch it allows
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exhibited from p e during their incarceration. that is because it is being provided for the same needs said there is a section that will house that exemption. president chiu: from my perspective and to close this hearing, the other supervisor might have arguments for comments. your staff, i want to thank all the young people that came to talk about what is really happening. from my perspective, we all have to provide each other feedback about what is possible.
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what we can do with prospective agencies and the dollars that we do have. i would like to see some follow- up in the near term, and i would like to get that written analysis about the various capital improvements that you have for disability as well as what ever timeline you think you would like to see those capital improvements happen by, so we can be informed. this is important information for me to have. we are being compliant with title 15, making sure that there is real documentation on that so that we don't have to keep having -- there is a conversation about whether or not we are getting enough exercise for young people.
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i want to make sure that the agencies involved, you are all working together effectively to make sure that we are delivering on what we need to do. the deficit that we are facing right now just came out over the last day, but about $150 million this year, and from my perspective, we have to be smart about what little we have. i hope that at some point we may need some legislation to address some of these areas and i am willing to consider that if that is where we need ago. i look forward to an ongoing conversation. i know that there were conversations about the youth commission. it was as cleanly as folks wanted, we are talking about this. i am perfectly happy for that
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body. and also to have an additional level of oversight. supervisor olague: the question for me is and if -- isn't if. i think this is a good start to the conversation and to bring some more accountability to this issue. in my mind, it is critical that young people that are not incarcerated, they don't have access to outdoors. it is something that should be revised because if it is only one-and-a-half that is required to be compliant, i think it is a real problem, actually.
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secondly, we heard that the issue, then, is more than just having access to outdoors, but that the programming is a critical component. it has to be part of the sort of rehabilitation of an individual that all of the issues around recreation would have some kind of component that has to do with the rehabilitation of the individual. i heard a couple of individuals that i spoke with at length. they participated in certain activities, was it basketball?
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come up to the microphone and describe some of the activities that you were engaged in that helped to promote your own rehabilitation. i am not sure that those programs are part of this. >> basketball hoops and side of the courtyard, i don't know what happens to that. i think it was a great opportunity. it was actually on the power point right now, you can see the adjacent courtyard. they really play there without an accident occurring. you could only imagine for five
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teams trying to engage at that time. for me, i always took priority and education, because -- it helped me personally, whether it is people being lost. i know that recreation can not only release serotonin's which combat stress, and also changes your mind. it is important to teach our use on how to play with society. the reason why is because they are with other members of the community.
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it would be probably the best interest. we would have to be doing more exploring. >> i did not learn how a brief correctly. it will clear mind and be able to think clearly. it will be a of compliance and the extraordinary work we can do, i think this is a great opportunity that we can use with our youth and emphasize recreation. we can go to substance abuse,
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and we keep that. >> i think this is just the beginning of what can be a very positive conversation that would involve the justice commission, a juvenile probation commissions, and to help the commission so we can continue to evaluate this and to make sure that we are continuing to move towards a very constructive use of the outdoor space. i know that funding is a challenge right now for a lot of different programs in this city.
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i think we need to look at how we make it work, so that will mean an additional security, capital improvements, and appropriate programming so that it is not enough to let them out, we have to make sure that the programming is there for the constructive and valuable use. the san francisco unified school district, i believe, was very much part of these at one time, so i would love to see them. someone is here to see them continue to be a part of this. i know we are facing a lot of challenges there in terms of funding as well, but i know at one time i believe they had someone assigned to be involved in some of those activities around p.e.